Is Trading Convenient?

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger, is trading convenient?

This question has been often asked to me, I also discussed recently on Facebook about this and sometimes people also tell me that I say some contradictions when I talk about trading, because most often you might have noticed it, certain people who send me emails notice that, I try to keep people away from trading.… [read more]

Worst Case Scenario

Hi guys, some words about “worst case scenario”.

So “worst case scenario” is that situation that is the most dramatic we could expect in a strategy.

It could be evaluated as the stop-loss or the maximum historical loss of a strategy we put in place, the maximum drawdown, some parameters we consider and consider it’s worst condition to decide how big we should be in the market, so to decide how many contracts, how much capital to put in the next trade.… [read more]

When To Stop Trading

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

Rocky Balboa, no pain, no pain What matters Rocky in trading? You probably remember, I hope, because I love Rocky Balboa you remember the scene with Duke repeating: “no pain no pain” and Rocky himself “no pain no pain” and with this new strength he was facing his opponent withstanding any punch with no pain apparently and that was the start of his path to victory.… [read more]

MY Trading System

Hi guys hi from Andrea Unger.

Once again I was asked about my system, my trading system.

Somebody asked me: “Why don’t you sell your system or do you lease your system!”.

This was not a question from somebody who approached trading the day before, but from people who actually have been spending months or years in the trading environment and this is a bit odd because I don’t have a trading system, I don’t have “THE trading system”.… [read more]

Technical Analysis today

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger, I’m back home, I’ve been to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and this was my third IFTA annual congress.

Third IFTA annual congress and third year where I came back with the confirmation about the direction of technical analysis.… [read more]

Support and resistance: Do they work?

Hy guys, hi from Andrea Unger!

Support and resistance do they work?

Well, I think most of you if not everybody knows what support and resistance lines are in trading, those are levels on a chart, levels of price, where a move is supposed to stop or even to reverse, okay?… [read more]

Why People Lose Money In Trading

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger!

Why do most people lose money in trading?

This is a question which has a pretty obvious answer, I mentioned that many times.

Trading is not easy at all!!!

It’s not as simple as somebody tells you.… [read more]

My First Bootcamp!

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger!

I’m back from my first camp, trading system boot camp.

This was a workshop and I run this with my friend, colleague and trader Luca Giusti and the experience was really positive.

I surprised myself, I was a bit reluctant at the very beginning because I thought that it takes a lot of work, which is true, there was a lot to do really and the commitment during the days of the camp was also very high, so a lot of stress let’s say, because of all the things we had to do, but I saw a group of people who were really strongly committed and who are really focused on what we were doing, who are willing to work hard to achieve the goals which I hope we achieved, because we produced a number of approaches that now will be put live on the market where there will be the real test about the goodness of what we have done.… [read more]

Knowledge Is Power

Hi guys hi from Andrea Unger.

Today I want to talk about coincidences.

It seems like those stories who some Gurus invent, but this is true, everything is really true.

I was presenting a webinar about the Forex and in this webinar I was showing how some common approaches promoted by literature don’t make money.… [read more]