Part Time Trading

Hi guys Andrea Unger here.
Trading part-time.

I’m asked sometimes if this is possible and I normally state how hard it is to become a trader and how difficult trading is, how dangerous it is.

So you might be surprised now listening to me saying that yes I believe that part-time trading is possible!… [read more]

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My Trading Books

Hi guys sitting here with some books about automated trading and trading in general.

I’m asked, I’m often asked: ” What books do I recommend?”

Well, there are plenty of, these are some I read, there are many others, but I will show you some of the authors I think are worth being read and some books which in my opinion have a great great content especially for automated traders but also for trading in general.… [read more]

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Larry Williams

Hi guys! What do I think about Larry Williams?

So Larry Williams obviously is the name in the trading industry, he is the only guy who was able to transform $10,000 into over 1 million in World Cup Trading Championships of 1987, so above eleven thousand percent performance and the questions I am asked some time: “Is he a scam?… [read more]

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Trading Systems

Make Money While You Sleep?

Hi guys! To make money sleeping!!!

It’s a dream, but not always there might be something that might be true, let’s say, in what I’m telling you I want to show you on my computer let’s see…

Here we are guys, we have this code here, where we have an input day or night which can be 0 which means that we are working at night, we buy at the close of the market and we exit immediately next bar at the open.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Long-Term Trend-Following

Hi guys long-term trend-following is that still working?

Who knows?

From time to time we get somebody claiming that trend-following is dead and then somebody who demonstrates that it’s not dead.

Actually there are website, blog spots where people defend or illustrate long-term trend-following and from time to time they show the profits this approach made.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Scam in Trading

Hi guys. How to identify a scam!

Well a scam is somebody who’s taking advantage of our selves, who’s trying to take advantage promoting something that is different from what is shown.

In trading there are many so-called gurus, who are actually scams and I can tell you they have many things in common.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago