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We’re about to end our journey on how I became a successful trader. I’m not here to brag (actually I believe humbleness is a key part to success as a trader) but to show you that you can be successful as well, but only under certain conditions…!

Going back to our story, I finally had some systems and I was trading but there was still a missing piece… At first glance It might seem irrelevant to many, but it is not. I needed to get the real belief that I could make a living out of my trading systems. With that sort of belief I would be able to go on working in that direction with the right efforts and concentration. Trading systems are a great help for trading but they need to be under strict and constant control and they always need new friends or new places to visit (new systems, new markets).

A great help came from the best trader I had ever met: Larry Williams. I attended a seminar of his in October 2004 and learned many interesting concepts, I also got some of his systems but I never used them! And those concepts were all more a sort of imprinting rather than an input to my systems. Larry made more than $90,000 in 3 days of his seminar. But it was not the amount of money that impressed me (he was trading 1 Million Dollars), rather it was the whole environment he was moving in. It was the way he involved us in his trading those 3 days: Larry showed me what a trader was. I really got the firm belief that it could be done, that it was possible. Everything in his words and in his work was showing that I was going along the right way. I got much more than a system from Larry Williams: I came back as a Trader! And then I went on to win the Championships.

Can Trading be Learned?

Considering my path, my experience, and the results I obtained, I say YES. I learned how to trade, this was not an easy or immediate process, but once some important milestones are achieved, the development goes on nearly by itself. I started from nothing and once I gathered some important concepts the rest was just a building process with pure man power. And this process was a self propeller with every next step coming in an obvious way after the preceding one.

Can Trading be Taught?

I may say: Trading can be taught, but it depends on the teacher. There are many mentors and educators out there and they all offer good programs but how many of them are also traders? How many of them passed through the real “digestion” of the learning process? Only those who live the markets day after day know what points need a particular care and what theories are actually only “theories.” Reading about trading, there are many concepts written in good words that in the real world hardly apply to the markets.

Real traders know this, educators who don’t trade don’t know it. If you want to choose an educator, choose one who demonstrated to be a winner in trading… Leave theories to books and go directly to the prices in the markets to experience the right path to success. You need trading education and that comes from real successful traders!

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