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It’s raining, blame the government!

This is a typical Italian expression – I’m Andrea Unger, I come from Italy – and I heard this many many times. What does it mean? It means that we normally blame something superior because of our failure.

And this is a wrong attitude in life but also in trading. And trading is what we love and what we try to be winners at. And if we have the same attitude, we probably never succeed or never be consistently successful.

When we trade and we lose, it’s normally our fault. We don’t have to blame the broker for catching our stops or blame the internet connection for dropping at the right moment or the cat for jumping on the keyboard.

No! There are things that can happen, that might happen but they are not a major cause for our failure. If we keep on losing it’s because there is something wrong in our method. And if we don’t acknowledge this, we don’t face the problem, try to solve it, to find a solution, to weak it, to adjust it, to change it or maybe even, I suggest, looking inside of ourselves and admit that we are not tuned for trading. Trading is not for us. It may happen! No blame, just dedicate our time to something else with a highly successful approach. You don’t need to trade.

In any case, whatever happens, if you are losing: don’t blame the government, don’t blame anything, don’t even blame yourself. But look into your method, look into your approach and try to find out why this is happening.

Stay tuned, it’s not the government!

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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