Trading Hero: Interview to Riccardo Parise

Riccardo Parise is an Italian student of Unger Academy who has lived in China for almost 10 years.

Riccardo, an engineer, began studying online trading 3 years ago. Thanks to the Unger method and interactions in the forum, he achieved excellent results, especially on the Asian markets, even if trading is not its main occupation.

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Trading Hero: Interview to Marco Nigro

Marco Nigro is a business executive who chose Automated Trading as a tool to actively manage his assets as an alternative to simply keep them in the bank.

In the first 7 months of activity, he managed to generate profits for € 16,800, but he did not stop here.

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Trading Hero: interview to Giuseppe Cantelmo

Giuseppe is a trader who started trading with a discretionary approach. After very few success he abandoned this approach in favor of automated trading.

Within 6 months he managed to reach around € 20,000 in profit, just before going into a drawdown that almost wiped out all his gains.

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Trading Hero: interview to Thomas Thurzo

Thomas Thurzo is a good and very nice student of Unger Academy who managed to earn € 27,000 in 9 months with Automated Trading.
Thomas, in the span of 6 years, has followed courses of various trading coaches and tried to apply different approaches, unfortunately without obtaining the desired success.

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