How to become a millionaire in 5 years!!

How to become a millionaire in 5 years!!

Today I want to tell you something that has happened recently to my collaborator Paolo; it will help you understand how having a scientific approach can help you in trading as well as in life …

I imagine it has happened to you more than a few times to be disturbed on the phone by a brokerage firm’s call center …

Now… A few weeks ago, a young lady from some unknown brokerage firm (but very respectable, certified, licensed for years in the market) calls Paolo and offers him to invest a little, 50 €, and open an account with them, who will follow him step by step in operations …

Paolo asks her if she has any idea what the average performance of their clients is… He is told that on average the traders who are with them make 1% per day and that he could do it too…!… [read more]

My 2018

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

What I want to show you today, we are close to the end of the year, is what happened in trading, in general, for myself, my systems and related to trading in 2018 so let’s go…

First of all, this picture is the Barclays CTA indexes, this is published from Barclays and it’s a snapshot on the performance of a group of CTA, commodity trading advisors, manage futures actually and they have different groups here.… [read more]

Is Trading Convenient?

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger! Today, I would like to answer a very common question, which is “Is trading convenient?”

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People ask me if trading is convenient quite often, and sometimes, when I give my answer, for instance on Facebook, they tell me that I am contradictory in what I say, because on the one hand I try to keep certain people away from trading, and on the other I sell educational material for trading, so they wonder how it is possible that I tell people to avoid trading and then try to sell my products.… [read more]

Trading My Way To Success

Trading My Way To Success

Welcome back!

Let’s get rolling right away because we have a lot to cover today!

Here are some thoughts about different aspects of trading, in these thoughts there is part of my experience trying to explain how I “lived” events related to those parts of trading.… [read more]