How to use trading indicators

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger, let’s talk about indicators.

I’m often asked what indicators I use in my trading systems, or another question is: “If you had to choose one indicator, which one would you choose?”.

Well I don’t use indicators.… [read more]

Historical Data in Trading

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

Today I would like to discuss a bit about historical data!

Historical data, question I often answer is: how far back in history should historical data be to test effectively a market?
And: What time frame should the definition be to get a clear picture of the market?… [read more]

Trailing Stop, Yes or No?

So hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger, we spoke about stop loss, take profit and today it’s a time to discuss about trailing stop.

So Trailing Stop is an order to close the position in case there is a retracement in the profits shown.… [read more]

When to take profit in trading

Hi, hi from Andrea Unger, we discussed in the past about stop loss and today I would like to spend some words about take profit.

Take profit yes or no? This is the question.
It depends, my wife hates when I say “it depends” but it depends!… [read more]

Fixed or percentage stop loss?

Hi Guys. Hi from Andrea Unger.
I answered these days to a post in the Unger Academy forum where again, a question came up about the stop loss and the question was more or less: is it better to use a fixed dollar amount stop or is it better to use a percentage stop?… [read more]

Metatrader or Multicharts?

Hi, hi from Andrea Unger.

After the video where I showed how I am structured, I received many questions about the reasons why I don’t use Metatrader.

Well, first of all, I’m a futures trader and Metatrader covers only forex and cfd.… [read more]

My Trading Infrastructure

Hi, guys, Andrea Unger here and today I want to show you how I am personally structured.

As this is something that many people ask me I can tell you that I host my trading software on a cloud server so that I am safe in case of connection problems or power supply problems.… [read more]

200% Performance

Hi Guys. Hi from Andrea Unger.

I had a conversation on facebook messenger with a friend of mine and he wanted to tell me about his experience. With a trade that allowed him to perform at 200 percent gain in one day.… [read more]