Trading on holidays

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Hi from Andrea Unger, trading on holidays.

This is a question that often comes when there are holidays.

On one side, people who have a job trying to take advantage of the days off and they want to sit at the monitor trading and they wonder if trading during the holidays, obviously when the exchanges are opened, is as effective as during all the other days.… [read more]

Why Inefficiency Trading is a Waste of Time

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

I became a trader after trading inefficiencies.

Why not researching more inefficiencies?

Well, some of you know all started by trading Cover Warrants in Italy, they showed late quotes because of software of market makers and it was a video game to make money because you just needed to make fast maths to know the right price and understand how the instrument was moving.… [read more]

Sell, Gain and Regret!

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

There is a sentence in Italy which is “Sell, gain and regret!” which I could not find in English.

So I don’t know if this exists or not in English, normally the Italian sentence is associated with “Sell in May and go away”, which is a completely different thing but they put them together, but I want to talk about this Italian sentence which is “Sell, gain and regret” where the meaning is “sell”, take your profits and then eventually if the instrument you have goes higher or lower depending on the position you had, and you could have made more money, simply regret but don’t care about it, the important is you put some money in your pockets.… [read more]

Worst Case Scenario

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Hi guys, some words about “worst case scenario”.

So “worst case scenario” is that situation that is the most dramatic we could expect in a strategy.

It could be evaluated as the stop-loss or the maximum historical loss of a strategy we put in place, the maximum drawdown, some parameters we consider and consider it’s worst condition to decide how big we should be in the market, so to decide how many contracts, how much capital to put in the next trade.… [read more]