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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

Talent or education, what matters?

Well, the first time I was telling people what I do, most often they said: “Wow, you have the talent, you can guess what happens on the stock market!”

Actually, I couldn’t, but this was their mindset.

They were convinced that I had some special gift to understand what would happen next or to discover those stocks which were supposed to boost up.

This is an approach, but it’s far from a systematic approach to trading, which is what I do and which can be done by many people, I don’t say by everybody, but by many people.

The point is that the two approaches, systematic trading, that’s what I do, automated trading, and this talented trading, are pretty different.

They are different worlds.

In the first, automated trading, you build something that is supposed to work every day, I mean you don’t need to sit there every day because systems do it for you, but it’s something that goes on day after day and builds your future if you do it properly.

On the talent or intuition thing, you find a different approach because you might look for Facebook quotation, Tesla, Uber or whatever and you believe that that new stock will be a great occasion, you buy it, you sit on it and you do whatever you do.

It’s fun, it’s amusing to consider yourself so talented to discover what stock will be quoted end will be the next killer of the market, but obviously, first of all, you don’t find those stocks every day, so it’s something that needs you to be patient, to sit and wait, to study and to have the necessary talent to understand what could work or not.

I mentioned Facebook, Tesla, Uber, these are all names that are very popular, so the popular name makes you think it will be great, not necessary.

It did, it might not, but it’s you to understand if it will or not and you put your money in it,

Another question that I was asked was about biomedical companies, IPOs, thinking that they will discover the next special medicine, I think in the second movie of Wall Street there was something about it, but in any case it’s all fascinating, it’s a completely different world from what I do and from what I suppose you, listening to this video, could do.

Systematic trading puts talent aside, you can build all your bricks together to build your cathedral, as I say, you don’t need the talent to understand what could come next, you just need to study seriously, to be disciplined in your studies, to have passion about what you do, and to work hard to put things together.

All this does not mean you will succeed, because it’s difficult, it’s hard, it takes many other things, but it’s at least a common point to start from for everybody, while talent is something you have or you don’t.

So it’s much more difficult to live on talent and to discover the right occasions.

Now, imagine you will have three or four in a year maybe, but it’s even maybe optimistic, but let’s say you have three or four you must discover among these which will be the right one.

You must be so good to discover the right one that if you don’t you lose money, you don’t make money, you lose money because it goes in the opposite direction.

It’s a completely different way which is hardly applicable to everybody.

So if you are already good in that and you do it and you have done it and you keep on doing it, perfect!

Do it and go on!

Then if you have a good tip send me an email and we’ll be happy to follow your suggestions, but if you want to learn to trade, forget about talent.

Study, build your knowledge possibly in automated trading because it’s the application which requires less talent and more hard work to build what you have to do so to probably hope to become a successful trader.

That’s it, write your comments here below if you feel comfortable with.

I’m here to answer and to comment, to discuss and in the meantime, I say ciao from Andrea Unger.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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