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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger

Yes, I want to talk about bitcoin -probably not the way you are expecting-

I want you to understand the popularity of bitcoins these days If we go back a while some years, we might remember Ads about forex trading

Forex trading was claimed to be the easiest way to make a lot of money and thanks to the great leverage that could be used on forex, you did not even need a large amount of money to trade

Then there was a period, very short period, where there was a promotion on options but those instruments were a bit too difficult to understand, so it did not really last for a long while, and it was substituted later on by binary options which a very simple to understand

There is just a bet, up or down let say, ok? So very easy and very simple instrument, and now they mostly disappear, I don’t get many Ads about binary options, and I got a lot of requests and promotions about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, many people ask if my methods and my trading system can be applied also on the market of bitcoin

So why? What do these three elements: forex, binary options, and bitcoin have in common? They have in common that they all claim to lead, too great percentages and they are markets where in theory you don’t need a lot of money to be present

So they attract people based on greed or on the illusion to make money in a fast and easy way

So they work on the illusion of richness of the mass, of the mass of people and they attract the people into the world

The real beneficiary of this is obviously all the brokers who offer services to trade these markets, which is fine, they offer a service, but the truth is that all these opportunities are shown on the opportunity side

How much you can make, how easy it is to make a lot of money

They don’t tall about a risk, but obviously, if you trade with high leverage then you have a great opportunity but you have also great risk and if the market goes in the opposite direction you wish, you are heavily hit and this might be very painful

So, guys, I can tell you: nothing is easy out there
Today, Bitcoin is the market claimed to be the way to make money, it might be but it is not the real way to make it

Trading is a serious and difficult business
It’s something where you need to study and you understand, you always have to start from risk and then think about performance

If you start to think about performance you will probably encounter some serious trouble

So if you work only based on the illusion of making money tomorrow and especially a lot of money, please don’t do it

Please, be careful
Be aware that you are at a high level of risk and this is not good

It’s not good because the risk is obviously something that might hit you, your capital and all your family as well because if you are hit obviously that reflex also on your relatives

So there’s no easy money out there, believe me
Forex first, binary options now and bitcoin, are not the way to be rich tomorrow

They are all instruments that can be traded but you need to understand them and you need to be aware that if you work with reasonable risk, you won’t have a great chance to make a lot of money immediately

If you control risk you have a chance to last for a long time which is what you should aim at

If you work to become rich tomorrow you better purchase a lottery ticket which probably gives you a higher chance and at least you know how much you can lose: the price of a ticket

That’s it guys for today, see you next time, ciao


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