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Hi, Andrea Unger here. Some people, when they know what I do for a living, they start asking questions such as, “Where do you think E-mini S&P will be in one month.” These are, maybe, interviews you get on TV channels or at Expos from professional journalists. Another question such as, “Do you think it’s a good moment to invest in gold?”

Or friends who ask, “Oh, could you give me some tips? What stocks should I buy right now?” and so on. Well, guys, I can’t answer these questions simply because, first of all, I don’t have the necessary knowledge about the fundamentals of economics to have an idea what kind of moves would take place.

Second, my trading is systematic trading—which means that I study how markets move and try to take advantage of this. I don’t care where a market will be in one month or so. I try to move at best within limited space where a market is showing me he is willing to go right now. I don’t preview where a market is going to; I simply follow what the market is already showing—that’s also trend following. I follow the trend. I don’t guess what the trend will be. This is very important.

So, I can’t tell you if it’s a good moment to invest in gold. I can’t tell you where the E-mini S&P is heading up in one month. I’m simply trying to do the best in a day-by-day environment.

Stay tuned.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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