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Hi, Andrea Unger here. I’m not a programmer.

Is this a valid excuse. You probably think that if you want to build trading systems, you will not be able to because you are not a programmer; you’re not able to program. I’m not a programmer myself, so how can I be here? Actually, what’s important to know is that to program a trading system, it’s not so difficult as we could imagine. We are not here to program the computers of NASA or Space Shuttle stuff—things like that. There is no rocket science in what we do. We just need to put some instructions together to get the code we want.

To learn these simple instructions is not that hard. Don’t believe that you are not able to do it because there are some programming languages which are really, really easy to learn. Just to mention, Easy Language, but also Power Language or, Pro Real-Time scripts or many others.

Obviously, if you want to program a trading system with Python or with C#, then you need some specific programming skills. But for these other languages, believe me, it’s not that hard. You don’t need to get the finest code in the world. Probably, when some skilled programmer sees my codes, he laughs because he sees that they are choppy. And, probably, they are not the fastest. But I’m not a high-frequency trader. I don’t mind; I don’t need that fast execution of the code. I just need a code that works and does what I desire it to do. And this is what I learned to do, and it didn’t take that much. And believe me, I work with many friends who did the same, and we all are, today, able to program our trading systems.

So, “I’m not a programmer” is not a valid excuse. You can become a good enough programmer to build trading systems.

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