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Hi guys, Hi from Andrea Unger. Today I’m facing a nasty problem as I received many emails from people who look for a solution to their problems claiming not to have a job, they are unemployed or they don’t even have money.

So they look for a solution in trading, online trading, they look out after me, but I mean generally they think that trading might become the solution to their economical financial problems and this is, I mean, probably this is because they have been misled by the industry of trading which claims that it’s easy that it’s a way to make money and so on.

Trading is for sure something that can be really a good opportunity but it’s not the solution to your financial problems that you might have. Believe me, if you don’t have money, if you don’t have employment, don’t think about trading because trading will only add problems to all those you already have and I believe, I surely believe, you want to avoid better. Trading can be studied and is like any other discipline because you might be willing to learn something, it’s fine, but it’s not the solution to a financial problem believing that you sit down you learn a couple of rules and then you are able to produce money out of nothing.

It’s really more difficult than you can imagine. If you are in the Unger Academy you know that I’ve always been telling you of that.

It’s extremely difficult to build a good infrastructure producing profitable results over a long term, in no case I encourage anybody to start trading just to make money they need for a living because it’s a very dangerous way to go, it’s a very hard way to go.

I’m not telling you that it’s easy to find a job, believe me, I’m lucky and I don’t want to say anything that might be not correct, politically correct, of course.

But trading is not the solution: don’t consider trading as the solution because it will become a nightmare, believe me, it’s not the ultimate way to go. You can study it, you have to be prepared to start trading, have to be equipped and prepared, you need money to trade. So you can’t transform it from zero even for somebody who claims that is possible.

Maybe he’s much better than I am, so I’m happy for him, but my experience, not only my personal experience but the experience seeing other people trade, tells me that it’s extremely hard to produce something which consistently makes money especially if you need that money. So believe me, if you have financial problems don’t look for the solutions in trading. I would never get you any solution for that, I can teach you how to trade, how to build profitable trading systems, but I will not be able to solve financial problems through trading because I believe there is no solution there.

I know it’s not what you expect it to listen to, I know it’s not what you like to hear, especially from me, but I want to be honest and I want to really be relieved knowing that nobody gets trapped into something that causes additional problems to those he might already have.

So, guys, you can learn trading but don’t look for solutions to financial problems in trading because I believe they are not there.

Ciao, see you next time. Ciao from Andrea Unger.

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