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Hi Guys, Andrea Unger here. You know I’m Italian. I trade from Italy, and I’ve won the World Cup Trading Championship 4 times. I’m the only trader in the world, so Italy is represented by the only trader who achieved the goal of winning four times that contest.

Normally when I visit expos on trading, I notice that to some extent, there might be a situation where Italy is one step behind the rest of the world but when we go to top levels, I mean top level intended as people who do this as a business, then we can easily say that Italy is not worse than the others. In this case, we are even better because nobody else in no part of the world achieved the goal of winning 4 times overall, and 3 times in a row, the World Cup Trading Championship.

I’m proud, I’m proud of this, I’m proud of being Italian and I’m proud of having represented Italy in doing such a thing. And once again, we can say “Italians do it better”.


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