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Hi guys! What do I think about Larry Williams?

So Larry Williams obviously is the name in the trading industry, he is the only guy who was able to transform $10,000 into over 1 million in World Cup Trading Championships of 1987, so above eleven thousand percent performance and the questions I am asked some time: “Is he a scam? Does he really trade? Does he have knowledge about markets?”.

So guys, maybe somebody is disappointed about this, but I cannot say anything negative about Larry Williams!

From my experience, having met him, having talked to him, having exchanged emails, I can only give an extremely positive review about Larry Williams.

First of all Larry Williams is deeply in love with his passion for the markets.

He’s always trying to figuring out what markets do, he is always analyzing, studying and really focusing on what’s happening and what’s going on and how to beat the markets.

I remember I wrote sometimes to him some emails, on different occasions and he replied nearly immediately he was sitting here at a computer working and it was replying.

Not big replies but straight to the point, clear answers and pearls of wisdom of somebody who is really in touch with what’s going on in the markets.

“He was arrested in Australia and he didn’t even pay to get freed because he didn’t have the money probably!”.

Well, this is something that people wrote and you can read it on the Internet.

These people probably are not familiar with Australian laws, they don’t know that you cannot pay for your own freedom and who has to pay does not even have to be a relative I think and has to be resident in Australia for a certain period of time, so I mean I’m not an expert but I know that it’s not automatic that you have money, you get arrested, you pay and you get out!

No, it doesn’t work like that so Larry could not use his own money to get out on that occasion.

“Yes, but he made a lot of money out of books and seminars because that’s the way he was arrested because of tax issues!

So obviously he’s a fraud!”

Why? I mean he made money selling books, selling education? Well done!

I mean he deserves that money because he wrote many very valuable books, he presented many incredibly good seminars so he deserves every single cent of the education that he sold, I don’t see anything wrong in that.

But people are still doubtful about him. I can tell you, I was in New York, I’m telling you now as a person, not as a trader, I was in New York attending one of his free seminars at the Trader Expo.

I don’t remember it was 2013, I don’t remember exactly, I was sitting in the rear rows so he didn’t know I was there and he has shown the recent results of a World Cup Trading Championship and my name was there several times because I won several times and he presented me as one of his students because I attended a course of Larry in 2004 right to Santa Fe in California.

So somebody in the front rows asked him if I used his techniques to win the contest.

So that was an incredible occasion for marketing but he honestly said: “No! He uses his own techniques, I’m not aware of any of my techniques used to trade from Andrea”.

So that was incredibly honest from him which is the truth, but he didn’t know I was listening so he could tell anything, he would say anything about me, I would have never known but he was extremely honest and that is in my opinion, one of the most important traits of his character.

So I am really sorry for those who hope and would say something wrong, because you know I am often very skeptical about the trading gurus, I always beware anybody of believing too much what they hear I believe that most of the gurus out there are scams.

I cannot say this about Larry Williams!

I can only always say incredible good words about him as a trader and as a person because this is my personal experience.

Now I don’t know if he is now making money, if he stopped trading, he’s losing money, I don’t know because I don’t see his accounts, I don’t know what he’s doing today but from my experience with Larry Williams I can only give an extremely positive review about Larry Williams one of the greatest traders and market students out there.

In my opinion, Larry Williams is an absolute must for anybody who wants to understand something about trading. That’s it guys, sorry I couldn’t say anything wrong about Larry sorry about that.

Ciao from Andrea Unger.


Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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