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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

Marathon, diet, trading.

What do they have in common?

They’re all painful!

Well, I’m just kidding.

The first thing in common

What they do have in common is that to succeed in each of these you need a proper plan to follow, a plan possibly prepared together with somebody who knows about marathon training, diet principles and trading, not all together, but each one for each field, you need someone who can help you and you have to stick to the plan with patience.

My personal experience

When I prepared my only marathon some years ago, I had a plan and I asked for help to Orlando Pizzolato, the twice formal winner of the New York Marathon, and he prepared the plan for me and he followed me during the training.

That helped me enormously because I knew I could refer to somebody who demonstrated to be able to do it, to have the knowledge and to have experimented also what he is telling you to do, which is important.

He knows how you feel going through the pain running.

This is what I found there is in common, I had a plan and I worked hard throughout the plan.

The same you have to do in trading!

Also in a diet, you can’t imagine losing weight in one week with a miracle diet!

You know that if you really want to lose weight in a decent way, you have to go through a period of a serious diet and even more important here, to be prepared by somebody with good knowledge about nutrition, because obviously if you do it wrong you might have some problems.

What is there in common with trading then?

Another common problem

Both of them became very popular.

Many years ago marathon was something that nobody could even imagine about, now everybody is running a marathon, the marathon is worldly, it’s everywhere.

Even for the five miles of a lost village in Oklahoma, they call it a marathon.

They don’t know what a real marathon is and many people go for a real marathon not knowing what it’s all about, but they go and they do have problems.

So all this information or better saying, all this promotion about the marathon has pulled inside many people.

The same happened to trading and the same is that no knowledge about what you are doing leads to problems.

In the marathon, you might have physical problems or generally, you might even not reach the end of it, in trading, you lose money.

I respected the plan, I worked hard to get my target of 3 hours.

I did not achieve it, by the way, I ended in 3:05:27″, but in the end, I was happy, because it was a good race and I got close to my goal.

I had troubles during the plan and what helped me was to refer to a person who leads me to change the plan with another plan, but still going to the same goal.

The same you have to do in trading and the same you have to do in the diet.

I’m not an expert, I mean, I did many diets but I am a real disaster on this field, I don’t stick to the plan, I admit it, but if I stuck I would succeed.

Also in a diet, you have to look the way your body responds to it.

Maybe your body responds better to a certain kind of food rather than to others, so everything has to be analyzed by an expert.

Running, dieting and trading.

What do you expect when you start?

Expectations, this is where we have some differences.

In a marathon, I never thought I could beat the world record and I’m convinced that not one of you, even if you are runners or experienced runners, imagines beating the world record.

In trading, you want to get 100% a month.

So why?

Why this difference?

You are realistic in marathon training, you are totally unrealistic in trading, I mean not you personally, but generally speaking.

On a diet again there is a difference, on a diet, you get immediate satisfaction.

Let’s say you go for a loss of 20 pounds and when you lose 3 pounds you’re happy.

You feel thin, you start changing your dresses and you stop the diet because you are in shape now.

In trading is not like that, because when you start making money you want to make more money.

So this is the difference, which is a strange difference but it is a truth.

So if you go without a plan you have serious trouble, in a marathon as said you will probably not finish the race, in a diet, you might have serious problems because if you mistake completely what you need, you might have serious health problems and in trading you lose money.

In conclusion

The only way to go is going with an expert and with a good plan, stick to the plan and go for the long whole because nothing can come immediately, you have to be patient.

Patience is what you need!

When time passes you will not even acknowledge that it has passed so fast, but when you see it in front of you, you think it’s a long goal, no!

Just be patient, take the first step and you might achieve what you are looking for.

Of course in the same way, as you don’t expect to be the world record of the marathon, as you don’t expect to get in shape like a model, don’t expect to be the next Soros in trading because this is an unrealistic expectation.

Try to do things the best way you can, based on your skills, marathon, diet (my skills are very weak here) and trading.

That’s it guys, I hope it helped.

Write your comments about your diet.

Ciao from Andrea Unger.


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