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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.
What to study to become a trader?

In this case, I don’t mean what to study in terms of which guru to follow and so on, but I mean that I received questions about what kind of university I should attend to become a trader.

Well, my answer is: don’t worry!

If you want to attend University do it!

Great choice, but do it to study what that degree is supposed to deliver, so don’t do it to become a trader.

To become a trader you need to study trading and I don’t have any evidence of any degree really helping those becoming a trader.

I might tell you about engineering, I have a Master of Science in engineering and this might help, I don’t know, because I became first an engineer and then I became a trader, but I can tell you that engineering obviously helps in debugging mode and to understand how to face problems issues just step by step, which means good debugging skills and also a good way to analyze markets.

But I would never tell you to attend Engineering to become a trader, I mean if you want to study engineering do it to become an engineer, which is obviously even better than becoming a trader in my opinion for the benefit of the society or if you want to do anything even better for the society become a doctor, a medical doctor.

I mean now I don’t want to discuss this which is philosophical and might even lead up to some animated discussions, but if you want to study something specific do it for what it is and not to become a trader.

One of my best friends in the trading environment is Domenico Foti and he is not an engineer, he is not a mathematician, he has no university degrees, but he is one who put in front of a monitor where there are trading charts, knows what to do and he learned that from the markets.

So don’t be in desperation if you have not studied nuclear science before trying to become a trader, don’t focus on complicated choices about what to do in your university to become a trader.

If you want to be a trader, study trading, study what to do on the markets, understand the markets and then study what you want to study at the university for your own path in the world, in your life, but keep the two things separated, because I don’t see how the university degree could really help in becoming a trader because things needed in the markets are hardly taught in the university.

This is a truth and they might even create confusion because they are too theoretical.

I’m talking about trading intended as pim, pum, pam thing, what we do, I don’t think about banking hedge funds or things like that.

I just mean about what we could do, what I do and what you probably want to do, in this case, you don’t need to become a rocket scientist or things like that.

It’s like if you want to know all the secrets of the cycle of an engine to drive a car.

I mean, it might be useful, it’s knowledge, but it doesn’t help to drive the car.

You must know where the brake is, where to put gas and where to turn it on, but you don’t really need the secrets of the engine to drive.

You probably need something else which can be taught by experience and by taking driving lessons, not the theory of combustion or things like that.

This is it guys, if you are successful traders, please write here in the comments what you have studied and if you think that it helped or if you think it was just another thing you studied.

I believe the latter is the case, but in any case, I’m open to discussing.

In my opinion, there is no specific need for a specific University degree to become a trader like we intend to be.

This is it, ciao from Andrea Unger, see you next time ciao!

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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