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Hi guys, Andrea Unger here and today we talk about The System.

What does the system mean? The system, often, I use it myself. And sometimes, it’s misleading, I admit it.

“The system to trade the markets”, it makes you think that there is a trading system that you can apply to the markets and you can make money. And that is not the truth, sorry about that, but there is no system out there that you can apply on any market, any timeframe and that works everywhere. It’s just a message you get from the industry and they claim that a system to be robust must work on every timeframe and every market, so they push you into a direction where you get material from them to be able to build this system, but “this system” does not exist. There are “these systems”, The Systems.

When I mention a system, I mean a method to study the markets. What does this mean? It’s a method where I approach the markets, I try to dig into them, into the data to understand how they move and how I could take advantage in this way of moving.

Building trading systems. I have a method to analyze and develop trading systems. Trading Systems can be of many kinds, Trade following, Counter-Trend, Bias, Swing Trading, whatever you can imagine, at the end of the day we just look at something that enters in one point, exits at another point and makes money throughout this move. And we call it in different ways, depending on the reason why we took that trade. But actually, we just look for profitable moves to take advantage of. And these are the Trading Systems.

So, the system to study the market to produce trading systems.
Stop looking for “The Trading System” because it doesn’t exist, look for a method to analyze the markets and produce your trading systems.
Produce your trading systems. That’s it guys, stay tuned, good Luck.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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