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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger!

I’m back from my first camp, trading system boot camp.

This was a workshop and I run this with my friend, colleague and trader Luca Giusti and the experience was really positive.

I surprised myself, I was a bit reluctant at the very beginning because I thought that it takes a lot of work, which is true, there was a lot to do really and the commitment during the days of the camp was also very high, so a lot of stress let’s say, because of all the things we had to do, but I saw a group of people who were really strongly committed and who are really focused on what we were doing, who are willing to work hard to achieve the goals which I hope we achieved, because we produced a number of approaches that now will be put live on the market where there will be the real test about the goodness of what we have done.

Apart from the level that was really outstanding, all the participants had already a very good and deep knowledge of a lot of stuff concerning trading systems and options.

Options, yes, because Luca is specialized in options and option futures in this case, but the approach can be overall applied to any kind of options, and we merged these into this camp, not treating trading systems and options as two separate parallel entities but treating these as something that could be merged together and merging these together leads to the objective that I often state as being one of the most important in trading which is diversification.

I think now, especially now that I’ve seen what we’ve done and what could be done, I can state that there is ideal conjunction between systems and options because there is synergy.

I mean with the system we try to catch market moves, options can take advantage of markets not going anywhere, options take advantage of time passing.

We are not naked sellers crazy guys, no!

I mean there is a control on what it is done but we can take advantage of the time which goes by and putting everything together we get to the ideal goal of having a harmonic growth of the account, if things are done properly, this is clear of course!

So I mean I came back very interested in this subject so that I’m also starting to put in place some strategies on options parallel to my trading systems, also the approach or options was mechanical let’s say so not born from discretion but based on some specific rules and on some specific guidelines to follow, so fixed they would even be tested because there was also a backtester on the approaches that have been shown.

So this is something I liked very much, and I like it so much that it will be most probably repeated.

I don’t know when I don’t know where, for sure if we do it, it will be done in English so that also people from outside Italy can participate and I hope there will be a good response.

I came back with a very positive feeling, I hope it’s the same for all those who have attended and I hope the same was also for Luca because if he’s not satisfied with what we’ve done he will probably not been willing to do this in the future for our English friends.

That’s it guys, very short this time back from the camp.

Ciao from Andrea Unger. Ciao from Italy.


Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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