Can I use the Martingale in Trading?

Ascolta “Can I Use the Martingale in Trading?” su Spreaker.

Hi, guys, Andrea Unger here. And I want to discuss today about Martingale/anti-Martingale—not the way I did in my book. You know, I published a book where I talk about position sizing and money management, and in that book I strongly suggest to use an anti-Martingale approach, which means that you increase your size when your account is bigger, larger, and if you reduce your account due to a number of losses, you have to decrease the size of the next trade.… [read more]

Trading Systems Always Running?

Ascolta “Trading Systems Always Running?” su Spreaker.

Hi guys ! Andrea Unger here – people know I’m a systematic trader and sometimes they ask if the system should always be on.

This is a tough question actually and the normal answer is “yes”: system should always work, but there are special cases such as the Referendum on Brexit for example; or the American election -the election where Trump won- where we can expect a high degree of volatility in the market and the moves that take place in that case have nothing to do with what markets normally do.… [read more]