My Trading Books

Hi guys sitting here with some books about automated trading and trading in general.

I’m asked, I’m often asked: ” What books do I recommend?”

Well, there are plenty of, these are some I read, there are many others, but I will show you some of the authors I think are worth being read and some books which in my opinion have a great great content especially for automated traders but also for trading in general.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Larry Williams

Hi guys! What do I think about Larry Williams?

So Larry Williams obviously is the name in the trading industry, he is the only guy who was able to transform $10,000 into over 1 million in World Cup Trading Championships of 1987, so above eleven thousand percent performance and the questions I am asked some time: “Is he a scam?… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago
Trading Systems

Make Money While You Sleep?

Hi guys! To make money sleeping!!!

It’s a dream, but not always there might be something that might be true, let’s say, in what I’m telling you I want to show you on my computer let’s see…

Here we are guys, we have this code here, where we have an input day or night which can be 0 which means that we are working at night, we buy at the close of the market and we exit immediately next bar at the open.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Long-Term Trend-Following

Hi guys long-term trend-following is that still working?

Who knows?

From time to time we get somebody claiming that trend-following is dead and then somebody who demonstrates that it’s not dead.

Actually there are website, blog spots where people defend or illustrate long-term trend-following and from time to time they show the profits this approach made.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Scam in Trading

Hi guys. How to identify a scam!

Well a scam is somebody who’s taking advantage of our selves, who’s trying to take advantage promoting something that is different from what is shown.

In trading there are many so-called gurus, who are actually scams and I can tell you they have many things in common.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago

Is Trading for Everyone?

Hi guys! Is trading for everybody? No!

No because there are some obstacles.

I’m not claiming trading is the most difficult job in the world.

Who works in the industry might have noticed that in office groups of employees claim that that company is the most challenging in the world.… [read more]

By Andrea Unger, ago