When To Stop Trading

Ascolta “When to Stop Trading” su Spreaker.

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.

Rocky Balboa, no pain, no pain What matters Rocky in trading? You probably remember, I hope, because I love Rocky Balboa you remember the scene with Duke repeating: “no pain no pain” and Rocky himself “no pain no pain” and with this new strength he was facing his opponent withstanding any punch with no pain apparently and that was the start of his path to victory.… [read more]

MY Trading System

Ascolta “My Trading System” su Spreaker.

Hi guys hi from Andrea Unger.

Once again I was asked about my system, my trading system.

Somebody asked me: “Why don’t you sell your system or do you lease your system!”.

This was not a question from somebody who approached trading the day before, but from people who actually have been spending months or years in the trading environment and this is a bit odd because I don’t have a trading system, I don’t have “THE trading system”.… [read more]