How to become a millionaire in 5 years!!

How to become a millionaire in 5 years!!

Today I want to tell you something that has happened recently to my collaborator Paolo; it will help you understand how having a scientific approach can help you in trading as well as in life …

I imagine it has happened to you more than a few times to be disturbed on the phone by a brokerage firm’s call center …

Now… A few weeks ago, a young lady from some unknown brokerage firm (but very respectable, certified, licensed for years in the market) calls Paolo and offers him to invest a little, 50 €, and open an account with them, who will follow him step by step in operations …

Paolo asks her if she has any idea what the average performance of their clients is… He is told that on average the traders who are with them make 1% per day and that he could do it too…!… [read more]

Accumulation plan (Savings Plan) and algorithmic trading 3

Accumulation plan (Savings Plan) and algorithmic trading 3

Stock Picking

In the previous posts we saw that investment in a winning accumulation plan can not be separated from a careful stock picking activity (choice of shares).

In this article we will introduce a stock picking technique borrowed from fundamental analysis, namely Joel Greenblatt’s methodology presented in his book “The Little Book That Beats the Market”.

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My Step-By-Step Process To Becoming A Proficient Systematic Trader – Webinar @ Online Trading Summit 2018

Here’s the webinar I’ve held about 6 months ago at Asia’s First Virtual Trading Summit, where I talked about my step-by-step process to becoming a proficient Systematic Trader.

Philip: Welcome back to Online Trading Summit. Our next speaker is Andrea Unger who is renowned for being the only trader to ever win The Futures Trading World Cup Championship three years in a row.… [read more]

This is a scam!

Listen to “This is a Scam!” on Spreaker.

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger… it’s a scam, it’s a scam!!!

Well, this is a scam!

I sometimes find comments on the internet, below my videos, not necessarily these videos on the social networks, but also here in some cases I find comments which are embarrassing, not embarrassing for me but, for the level of the contents which clearly shows that the people commenting have no real idea of how financial markets work, they have no real experience, and they just talk.… [read more]