Risk-Reward Ratio in Trading

Hi, Andrea Unger here. And some seconds to discuss about risk reward.

Risk reward 1:3.

Is this the Holy Grail of trading? Sometimes, you will read about that, but I believe it’s not. Actually, it is not. Believe me, the risk reward depends on the kind, the type of strategy that you put in place.… [read more]

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Multi-Market Trading Systems

Hi, Andrea Unger here. And this time, I try to answer a question that is often heard in the trading business. The question is: a trading system, to be considered good, does it have to perform well on many markets?

Well, basically, this question derives from a partial knowledge about trading systems because there are two types of trading systems—systems that were born trying to identify the balance between forces of buyers and sellers in the market, and so they try to, let’s say, fight inside this balance and take advantage, obviously, from the moves that derive from these fights.… [read more]

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The Holy Grail of Trading Systems?

Hi guys, Andrea Unger here and today we talk about The System.

What does the system mean? The system, often, I use it myself. And sometimes, it’s misleading, I admit it.

“The system to trade the markets”, it makes you think that there is a trading system that you can apply on the markets and you can make money.… [read more]

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