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Hi, guys hi from Andrea Unger.

Today I would like to discuss once more about performance.

I received many questions about performance and there are more questions in the direction of confirmation rather than of really asking.

People who want me to confirm that certain levels of performance somebody claimed are possible.

And I’m not tired, I am starting being tired of saying: ” No it’s not possible!”

What these people come across, are fellows who claim the performance of 30% 40% 50% per month and obviously they offer some sort of services to make their money grow.

What they want to do is to get your money, that’s it!

Because it is not possible to make 30% 40% a month on a consistent and continuative way.

It might happen, it might happen even 3, 4, 5, 6 months, but it cannot go on every single month on a growing capital.

I don’t say this because I’m not able to do it, I’m not saying this because I’m too stubborn, I say this because I see, I’ve seen around the world how things go.

The point is that these claims are not only proposed to people who have no real knowledge about numbers, even my tax consultant, my tax accountant.

He knows my numbers, he knows what I think about trading, what I know about trading.

He asked me about a proposal he got of an investment claiming 11% per month minimum.

Immediately I said: “No don’t do it, this is a fraud or I think it’s a fraud, it is not something that can be done in a reasonable way and in a stable way”.

So people want to believe to that and look for somebody who proved performance like me.

And my performance somehow helps those guys because the performances in the championships are high, are in that range, but that is a championship.

I don’t have those performances on my personal and normal account, I would be crazy doing that because the risk is too high and when they offer you a minimum percentage that’s crazy, nobody can avoid losses in trading, there is no risk-free, intended as risk-free where you have no risk at all.

It doesn’t exist and these people try only to get your money into their pockets, they are making not even risk free because there is something different from losing money in their job let’s say.

Once more, there is no easy money out there!

And if somebody shows you a statement of one month claiming 30% of his all or something like that it might be possible.

One month 30% is possible, but that single month shown does not automatically prove that previous months and the following months were at the same level.

So don’t want to believe what is not true!

Keep your hard earned money in your pockets because that is impossible and that is only a way to get your money.

I receive emails, many emails, from girls, either way, so I thought: “Read this alone!” Oh, what’s that? It was an offer to gain 13,000 euro a day on some Bitcoin trading or things like that: “Offer it finishes now!” and so on.

I mean, but there is not even an unsubscribe link so probably it’s not even legal but I see that we are really under heavy traffic of proposals aimed to get our money into somebody else pockets.

Be careful! Be careful!

What is so nice, what appears so nice is not necessarily true!

And when you ask me I will always tell you: “I don’t believe it!”

Maybe I’m just stupid, maybe I’m too stubborn, maybe I’m too old-fashioned, too narrow-minded, I don’t mind you will never get me confirming something I don’t believe and have never seen, because whenever I investigated something like that I always found out something that was not clear in the whole process and that not clear point is obviously what makes the difference and the difference in your pockets is the money that you will probably lose going after something like that.

Guys I want to stress this, your money is important and you have to take care of it.

Don’t look for an easy way to multiply it, because there is no easy way out there.

Trading is serious business there are also people gurus, mentors who offer their mentorship claiming that you have great potential as a trader claiming that you could make 20% a month if you were only trained the right way to express your full potential.

Again bullshit!!!

They only try to sell their mentorship proposal to you, the money you will be paying them is the money you will lose in addition to the money you will probably lose trading the way they try to figure out you should.

So guys don’t believe in the easy money out there.

You can get reasonable and good performance in trading when they say 30%/35% a year with a well structured and well done automated trading is something that is a level to aim at, people are not satisfied, they think it’s not good.

Okay, I can’t promise you more than that. That’s even an extreme level in my opinion.

But please don’t believe in those who claim they can turn you into being millionaires in a couple of weeks.

That thing does not exist! It does not exist in my world, I don’t think it exists in the total world we live in.

Guys that’s it, I hope it helps, I really hope it helps.

Ciao from Andrea Unger.


Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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