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Hi from Andrea Unger, smart or rich?

Well, what does this mean?

How does it cope with trading?

Actually, the point is that I noticed that in many cases people, in the trading environment, are more interested in the fashion or the trend of the moment, the trend is not intended as a market trend but trend as fashion rather than in methods that can really make money.

In this channel here, but also in other channels, in other places on the internet, there are many points and many inputs which you could really use to make money from.

There are many tips that you could carefully read in your mind and apply, somehow, studying them, to make money, but the people, apparently, are not interested in this.

Okay they have to work, I said read in your mind apply it, study, this is all too much.

Where does the problem begin? Wanna be sly?

Normally they look for the ultimate tip, the tip that makes you rich tomorrow, but the truth is that some of them, most of them look for a feeling of being smart, “I’m a smart guy, I could sit in Wall Street because I have invested in Uber, in Tesla or Bitcoin, Cryptos, Gold”.

All these things are a trend, sometimes we talk about crypto, sometimes about options, sometimes about gold, sometimes about US bonds, there are moments, periods, where there are main topics, such as also some important companies which get quoted and so on, and people invest there or look for information about this, just to feel part of the big picture, the big game, being a smart investor or trader.

They are not really interested in making money anymore, they are interested in feeling like a big trader.

By doing so is not wrong a as principle, of course anybody’s is free to do what he feels like to do, but if they want to stay long in the trading environment, they have to be very careful, because if you have this attitude you are easily trapped by scams out there, because if you’re looking for the ultimate tip and you don’t really care about studying, understanding the tip, obviously you will get the tip from those guys who deliver tips and these are normally scams.

I mean the tip to make money, the secret!

There is no secret I said, so if I deliver you a secret I’m trying to cheat you.

I can tell you methods, statistically working things, so that you look into it, you build your own method on top of it and you go out there and eventually try it.

I will never tell you the secret ush, ush…no because it doesn’t exist and this is dangerous if you have that attitude because you will get, sooner or later, trapped into something.

It’s sad sometimes to deliver good content and see that it is not perceived as good or as interesting.

Well, the first time I went to China, it was December 2011 and I delivered more or less a one hour speech about trading systems, with examples and really working methods that could be applied somehow.

After this with translation from English to Chinese, one guy, an old guy came out and raised his hand to ask a question.

I was very happy about this, I was ready to answer.

He asked me: “Do you think it is better now to invest in gold or in the US dollar?”

I was really passing out, I mean, I respected his question, I gave him a more or less answer, but obviously the question demonstrated that he did not understand anything about the presentation I made, he did not understand the purpose of the presentation, he was not even interested in making money trading, he just wanted a tip, a tip from somebody he did not even know.

I wasn’t Andrea Unger, I was introduced as the World Champion and so on, but I mean, I was one guy.

He was looking for a tip from me, regardless of everything else I explained and this was not really nice, because I thought about all the people who lost immediately everything I delivered and went back home thinking about the next tip, the next tip which would probably come from somebody trying to get your money out of your pockets.

How to be rich!

Be careful, you have to work, you have to study and you have to read between the lines.

Watch the videos in the channel, try to find out what you think could work for you, try to find where I tell you something that works and build on that something that can work for you.

Don’t look for the secrets and the tips, because that kind of tips, that are different from the tips I give you here, which are operational, that kind of tips are dangerous and you have to be now rich!

By the way, I don’t associate rich with trader, I mean, who knows me knows that I’m a very decent person and I never talk about the money I make or the money that you could make trading, but I talk about rich as making money which is the ultimate purpose of trading even though I say that you have to be passionate about trading, you have to see it as a hobby and it can become your job, but if it becomes your job it has to make you gain money because it would be complicated to explain to your spouse that you are making it just for fun and you are not making anything else.

My conclusion

So actually the purpose is to make money even though you have to do it for passion.

So making money or being smart?

It’s better to feel like a big guy or to be a smaller version of that big guy?

It’s up to you.

Here you can find the information to become the bonsai of the big guy, but it’s useful information, if you are looking for secrets, it’s the wrong place here, I’m sorry.

Ciao from Andrea Unger see you next time.


Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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