Stefano Serafini, Winner of 2017 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®

Stefano’s Personal Equity Line from March 2016 to November 2017

Petra Ilona Zacek, Winner of 2018 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®

Thomas Thurzo

Riccardo Parise

Daniel W.

Giuseppe Cantelmo

John Sills

Claudio Valerio

Emanuele Spinella

Stefano Luvisetto

Franco De Castris

Gianluca Preo

Carlo Scoccia

Maurizio Ostani

Michele Gallanti


Magnificent, indispensable, complete, exhaustive, well developed… and I could continue. I really wanted to make these compliments because I think this material is really essential for anyone who wants to approach this world, especially for those who are just starting out. In the same way, I would like to thank you as a people because you are really proving to be available, kind, punctual and precise, and this is perhaps a more important characteristic of all.
Thanks and congratulations again for how this material was explained.”
Paolo M. – Italy

“After a few years trying on my own, Andrea Unger material put me on track to develop, evaluate and implement automated strategies with serious potential. His manuals are detailed, clear and with a lot of examples.”
Carlos, Spain

“Andrea’s provides the perfect environment for trading development, and will always be considered a personal trading mentor of mine.”
Bryce, IL USA

Andrea’s training is the most comprehensive and step by step material to start building reliable trading systems that really work
Marcello Vieira, Brazil

Go out and try to find a better system developer program, go out and try, get crazy, get mad trying to find a better one ….or don’t. There is NoBetter. ”
Scharwin Farnusch , Germany

“I am trading and developing systems for more than 15 years and I can honestly say that during that period I haven’t come across anything similar to the material presented in Andrea’s programs. They are well conducted, the information is test driven by a great trader and a great teacher, who knows what he is talking about because “he has been there, done that!!” And to top things of the service beyond the material is second to none. Definitively a buy!!”
Daniel, Germany

“I took the program from Andrea for auto trading system development, it really helped me understand how the research was conducted, and how to evaluate, optimize and test the system. It’s good for beginners, and also it helps me as a software developer and trader.”
Gerry Zhou, Arkansas, USA

“I very much appreciate Andrea’s insight and detailed procedure provided in Trading Systems Supremacy which gave me a framework to start developing strategies on my own.”
Pavel Kloud, Czech Republic

I’d paid a lot more for a lot less useful, practical, and detailed information from other ‘world-cup champion”” only to feel cheated afterward and wish I found your materials much sooner. Thank you!”
Kevin Pham (USA)

“The material offered by Andrea Unger provided excellent content that has helped me significantly improve the logic of system design and performance metrics. I encourage systematic developers of all skill levels to undertake the material offered as you will find some gems of advice that you may not have considered before. ”

The way Andrea develops strategies is very intuitive and speaks to me hugely: his pattern methodology really gives you an edge, and with some creativity, there are no boundaries. On a personal level, his style is down to earth and I appreciate his humbleness towards markets and clients 😉
Jens Ohle, Germany

“Trading Systems Supremacy: I think it’s fantastic, as it provided me with new methods and ideas to create and assess valuable trading strategies. This is highly recommended for everyone aiming to do a step forward in automated/algo trading. ”
Ralf, Germany

Andrea’s insights are always interesting and algo traders should keep track of him. I attended an excellent workshop in NYC and could see over the shoulders how Andrea develops his systems. I came back with many patterns and a new way of testing and developing trading ideas. I am sure that any trader can profit from his teachings.”
Francisco, Brazil

There can be no better coach than the champion himself. Andrea approach is practical and phenomenal”

“The systematic approach can be adapted to any style of trading and research.”

The most structured thought process I have come across in developing trading strategies. The methods taught by Andrea Unger have allowed me to uncover the “unique signature” or “personality” of the instrument being evaluated.”
Satej Chaudhary, USA

“Thanks Andrea,
You courses are excellent… very practical.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!”
Trevor Weisse

“I originally bought Trading System Evaluation, as my main plan is to purchase systems on Stryker or similar platforms and my main goal is to learn to monitor and stop trading systems which are not performing anymore.
But I have some ideas of my own and I liked the material very much so I decided to buy Trading Systems Supremacy and Mastering Position Sizing.
I really appreciate your work, this is the best value for money in my endeavor to study markets so far (I don’t trade real money yet but I do paper trading and read a lot of books over the last couple of years).
Currently I am still setting up trade infrastructure, testing some systems, reading more of your material and forum and trying to set up some small forex portfolio on test account.
I really like your programs and resources (especially the forum) and I would really to recommend the programs to people like myself, who would like to start trading as a second source of income.
Sergey G.

“Your material is very well structured and explained. Coding is the slowest part of the whole process. I’ve been able to access the forum and incorporate code from great contributors into some ideas I want to test. If only Tradestation was online over the weekends (no data server the past two weekends!) I would be further along than I am.
The other challenge is “Unlearning” concepts written in books and seminars I’ve paid good money for that simply haven’t produced results. The “Setup–> Trigger –> Trade Management” paradigm hasn’t worked for me. You turned on a light bulb when you said, “Trigger–>Setup–>Manage” aha! Eureka!”
Alan B.

“I cannot thank you enough for teachings and mentoring my trading career. So far, I’ve taken all material you have offered.
Thank you.”
Bryce D. – Insurance Agent

“I find your classes extremely insightful and very well structured, I am very thankful.”
Guido M.

“I have purchased two of your products and LOVE them! They have completely revolutionized the way I think about trading and I know that I am not long away from going profitable. (Very frustrating at times though)
Thank you very much for sharing your talent with the world – you are truly blessed and I love to watch you FB videos too.
Warmest regards.”
Michael P.

“Thank you for all the time you have spent putting this together – this is great material!”
Patrick W.

“Every course I had so far was very useful/great content.”

“My major difficulty is dedicating time to part-time trading. Your reminders/emails are very helpful in motivating me.”

“This year is going very well (more than 200%), with maximum drawdown less than 20%.
All good, keep up the great work!”

Trading Systems Supremacy is the best program out there even in the world I could say.
Oscar Lombera

“Loving it so far, but total newbie at both coding and algos. Started only 3 weeks ago.”

“I’ve been following you for a while and I’m super stoked to be a part of Unger Academy. I have spent the last few years researching algorithmic trading strategies, and the value you’re giving in these webinars and the course is unbelievable. I was mentored by Murray Ruggiero and some others and I can recognize real traders as opposed to “teaching scammers” a mile away. You – I have no doubt about at all. 🙂
I believe what you’re doing is amazing and will extend my personal portfolio of strategies! 🙂
Thank you so much!”
Ben R.

“I firmly believe that after 11 years of trying to sort out all the doggy, scamming experts, and many courses and books, etc etc, YOU are the most genuine professional I have now meet and will closely follow your guidance and support as I wish to trade full time. I have been with Trade View for since they started. but find very little sincere help and a high cost to keep in with them, ongoing fee’s etc…”

This Program is the most detailed and best explained available on the Internet. No imprecise sentences. Only good and understandable explanations. Simple but good lessons they got more and more sophisticated and ended in good systems.
Most books or courses don’t have half of this Blueprint Style.
Thank you Andrea for this education Masterpiece.
Stefan, Bonn (Germany) 😉

“Andrea, I’ve not yet completed the TSS Course – but really enjoying what I have covered so far – especially your thought processes in how you go about developing a System, improving it, and then using it as part of a “portfolio”.
It’s a bit like building your own small business. And in addition to this – automating them, so have the freedom to do what you like – family, travel or the challenge of developing more systems to build financial serenity – and hopefully leave a legacy for the next generation.
PGH (Ballarat, Australia)

“Andrea opened my mind on how to profile markets and highlighted all the necessary things to build strategies that actually work live!”

“Andrea not only shows you real working systems, but, more importantly, he gives a complete framework and sound methodology for development of effective systems.
Don’t doubt – if you trade or want to trade automated systems this program is a very good investment!

This is really exciting stuff. Andrea shows step-by-step his approach to develop trading systems and explains the main ideas and pitfalls. You learn to find out which parameters and actions have a serious impact on your trading success.
This is a different way to look at the markets compared to what I have learned and tried before – really mind opening.”
J.R. / Germany

“It hard to see a teacher who is a real trader, generous and affordable. Following just his free stuff can prove to be very valuable.”

“I am just delighted that I can now get a result, thank you very much for your assistance – I have learnt so much!!”
John C.

“the course is great and what you offer is no doubt quality.”
Khalid R.

“I like your approach to the markets and how you develop strategies and I hope to develop an automated strategy soon.
Jim B. – Chicago, IL (USA)

“From your first time in Prague (TOP hotel) I heard your idea of crossing ma10 and 110ma – it inspired me to my style.
Later I made +40% profit on my account in a year. (I traded only two months in that year!)
Thank you very much. 🙂
Best regards”
Petr Mareček

“Even if the automatic trading approach might not be the one I will use in my personal trading, the ideas and concepts of your lessons are of great value. You deliver the confidence that profitable trading is possible and you provide many useful thoughts which I really can confirm and agree to from my own trading experiences.”
Joern Schilling

“everything is good: forum is supportive, video lessons are to the point.
thank you!”
Vladimir Kishenko

“I hope to continue learning. Great stuff!!”
Juan José Expósito González

“Nice stuff.
I greatly appreciate your teachings.
Mauricio Cottin

“Before Trading Systems Supremacy I was struggling to come up with a single trading strategy, now its quite easy following your method! :)”
Francisco Tamashiro





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