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Hi from Andrea Unger.
Today I want to talk directly or indirectly about the Black Swan. Black Swan in trading is a very rare event that normally has a disastrous effect on our accounts.

A black swan is a rarity and black is even a bad color, let’s say in terms of luck, so the black swan represents that enormous move or disaster case that wipes out our account or even worse, so this is what it is, but also want to talk to you about how visits sometimes use by some people in this trading world. There are people who, on the internet, normally, because the internet, allows a high degree of exposure, people who claim to have incredibly good performance may keep on posting their incredible great achievements in trading. They do so not just to praise themselves, but because they want to find their victims who trust them and they offer to these people the possibility to trade their accounts.
So I’m very good. I trade your account and then from the gains, I will be making

We split fifty-fifty.

This is, first of all, illegal. It’s illegal.

You do something illegal, and they do something illegal if they are not an authorized structure to trade others money.

Don’t forget this, there probably is, that obviously this is done somehow, let’s say, and many people trust these fellows because they want, they are greedy, they want the money there, and then there are also people who are witnesses of these people, so people believe that it can be true and they open an account to giving access to these people.

What happens next? That it happens on a bad day.

This guy comes and cries “oh the Black Swan, the Black Swan”, and he claims that the day before or during the night, but black swan occurred and he lost all the money so he finds the excuse of the Black Swan.

That’s the reason why he lost all your money.

If this is the case: OK, you lost the money. The problem is that this guy most probably, just to simplify it to the smallest level possible, he was trading two accounts: your account, the one that unfortunately lost everything and another account of the same size, let’s say, 10’000$ each, ok?

On each account, he was opening very, very risky positions, but in opposite directions, let’s say so that after a big move the account A was losing everything and the account B was in simple terms doubling its equity.

So account A was going from 10,000 to zero and account B was going from 10,000 to 20,000.

Simply because he was taking the opposite direction.

So what happens? To the owner of the account A, he comes crying about the Black Swan while to the owner of the account B He goes and says: “ah, see how good I was. Now, please, give me $5,000, you owe me because you made 10,000 profit and 5,000 are mine.”

And the account B owner is more than happy to pay this fee because he saw the incredible results and this is one other person who will go around witnessing that this guy is really good. Sooner or later he will also lose everything, but this is another part of the story, the second part.

So actually if somebody comes and claims to have incredibly high performances, don’t trust him and especially don’t trust people who offer their services to trade your money because this is illegal unless they are authorized such as, a fund or a bank or whatever.

So, there’s no easy money out there. This is very important. Trading is not a game to transform stones into gold.

It can be very interesting, but it’s not the magic formula to print money.

So if somebody claims he’s able to, don’t trust him and when they come with incredible performances to show how good they are, don’t trust them, and I mean also 10% a month, that’s a great and incredible performance.

Don’t think about the contest.
That’s another story they’re talking about standard and normal trading.

So be aware that there is no easy money out there.

If you want to do something in trading, learn yourself, study hard and be aware.

Be always aware that there is no easy money, free money, free foods…

There is nothing like that out there.

It’s not, it’s not a magic game.

It’s not a video game.

This is a serious profession and you must be skilled and prepared to face it.

Don’t trust people who claim to be good and therefore who offer their services to trade your money.

They are cheating you.

They are doing something illegal.

You will be doing something illegal offering them your money, so don’t, don’t fail.

Don’t go towards this trap because you will obviously be greatly disappointed doing so.

That’s it for today. Ciao from Andrea Unger.

See you in the next video.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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