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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger here in Munich, Germany, Englischer Garten, nice place to be, lucky with the weather today, it’s a business trip but I’m happy to be here let’s say but I will take this occasion to answer to two comments, very similar comments that I receive sometimes per email or on Facebook or on YouTube.

And the comments are the first one is: “if I were able to trade like you I would never ask money for an education I would gain money from trading and then educate for free”. The second comment similar from a certain point of view but very different from another point of view is: “if I knew a secret to make money I would absolutely not reveal it I would keep it for myself”.

Well, to answer the first point, the first point the natural answer would be: yes if you were able to trade you would probably know that trading does not mean that you have a constant income day by day month by month so to use your skills in a parallel business such as creating an income from educating people is wise first of all is wise because it stabilized the income curve and another point is that all the things that these people claim to be expensive are in reality very cheap because I paid that knowledge much much more I paid it not ten maybe hundred-fold as much because I learned it paying for my mistakes in the markets. It’s not just a matter of saving time you can apply to a course to save time in the learning curve it’s fine but consider all the mistakes that I made and but you can avoid listening to my experiences and you know that mistakes in trading are always very very expensive, this is the main point. So it’s not expenses very cheap compared to a real cost that that knowledge ignoring it would be on your shoulders.

Getting to the second point the secret, yes if I knew my secret to make money I would not reveal it myself, it’s true. The point is that there is no secret there is no hidden secret to make money and what I teach what I and other people traders teach is a method to face the markets a method to build your approach to the market and this method is then used by each of you in a similar but also different way so that you will end up trading the market in a different way I do and all the others do so we will hardly get on the same market in the same moment the same direction and so on, it can happen but it’s not the point we are not disturbing each other because each of us will be building his own approach using the same model, the model I use to trade the markets. This is the key to becoming successful to use a proven model to build your trading. A secret, the secret revealed so that you make money tomorrow, unfortunately, does not exist if it exists I’ve never seen it and I never found anybody who convinced me to pay for it to be revealed because again I don’t believe it exists but I would like it to be there it’s not.

If somebody comes to you and tries to sell you something like that beware of him because he’s trying to cheat you this is for sure and they are right if there were a secret you should not reveal it but the only secret is hard work and study using a valuable method available model that’s the only common point in all these two objections that sometimes I hear.

Now I hope I’ve well explained my point and I must go on wandering in this wonderful beautiful garden and we keep in touch when I’m back to Italy. Take care ciao from Andrea Unger, ciao from a wonderful Germany, ciao!


Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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