Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger! Today, I’d like to talk about a belief that is very widespread among people, that is, the existence of a trading secret to make money.

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I sometimes receive two kinds of similar comments via e-mail, Facebook and YouTube. The first kind is: “If I were able to trade like you, I’d never ask for money to provide education. I would gain money from trading and then educate for free”.

The second kind of comment is “If I knew a trading secret to make money, I would never reveal it. I would keep it for myself”. From a certain viewpoint, it is similar to the former, but from another perspective they are very different.

Free Education

As for the first question, I think that those who say this are not able to trade. Indeed, if they were able to do it, they would probably know that trading doesn’t mean having a constant income day by day or month by month. Using one’s skills in a parallel business, such as educating people, is a very wise choice, as it allows for a stabilization of the income curve.

My materials are not as expensive as people think. In fact, the price I paid to gain that knowledge is far greater than the cost of those materials, being not ten, but maybe one hundred times as much.

In fact, everything I know, I learned by paying for my mistakes in the markets. So, buying my lessons doesn’t just mean saving time in the learning curve, which is obviously fine, but also avoiding the same mistakes I did, and you know that mistakes in trading are always extremely expensive.

So, education expenses are very cheap, if compared to the real price you would pay for getting all the necessary knowledge without any help.

The Trading Secret

As for the second comment, I can tell you that if I actually knew the trading secret to make money, I, too, wouldn’t reveal it.

The point, however, is that there is no hidden trading secret to make money. What I and other traders teach is a method to face the markets and build your own approach to them. Each of you can use this method in a similar way, but you will all end up trading the market differently.

It is very unlikely that we will all get on the same market, in the same moment, in the same direction, and so on and so forth. It may happen, but we don’t care, because we don’t disturb each other.

Each of us will build his own approach using the same model, the model I use to trade the markets. This is the key to become successful traders: using a proven model to build your trading.

The trading secret that will enable you to start making money tomorrow, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. If it exists, I’ve never seen it and I’ve never found anyone who was able to convince me to pay for it to be revealed.

If somebody tries to sell you something like that, beware of him, because he’s certainly only trying to cheat you. The only secret to succeed in trading is through hard work and study, using a valuable method.

Ciao from Andrea Unger, see you next time!

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