Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger! Whether trading is stressful or not is certainly an intersting question. Many people believe that systematic trading causes less stress than discretionary trading. Is it true?

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Although it is different from discretionary trading, systematic trading can still be a great source of stress, and this is the reason why I sometimes go and take a walk on the beach in order to relax a little bit.

Even though I trade automatically, so my systems are trading alone on the cloud server, I must admit that stress is always present in my daily routine.

This is obviously normal, because, as systematic traders, we have to take care of our systems, analyse the performances, and so on and so forth. We try to detach ourselves from trading, but we are never able to do that completely.

This is the reason why doing something that helps us relax is of crucial importance.

Some people practice sports, and this is certainly a good idea. Another good idea is indulging in a hobby, something you really like.

Whatever you decide to do, the key concept is that you don’t devote 100% of your time and mental power to trading, because that would be very likely to kill your business.

Stay tuned, Ciao!

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