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Hi guys male or female trading, are there more men or women in trading?

Well from my experience, if I look into the numbers of the Unger Academy’s students, I must admit there are many more men and a this is more or less what I also see when I travel around the world to speak in public, most the people present at my speech are men and there are fewer women.

There are, obviously, but the number of women is smaller.

I’ve also been invited to a Mensa joining where I have to present about trading and I saw the list of people who subscribed to the event, the 99% are men, which does not mean that Mensa in Italy has more men than women.

I don’t know the statistic but there is no reason to believe that there are more men than women.

I believe they are in equal number more or less, but in any case, if I look at the list of people who subscribed to this event, there is an imbalance which is incredible, really incredible.

So what I’m saying here might not be appreciated by everybody, it might not be even politically correct from some point of view, but I believe, it is my personal belief, that women might have a more practical approach to the world.

So they don’t live with the illusion to make money in trading, to trade for a living.

If they approach trading, they do it just as an intellectual exercise, they want to understand something more, but they are not fighting against markets and against themselves to demonstrate something as maybe men do.

I’m a man so maybe I’m part of this, I’m not offending anybody, of course.

It’s just an opinion, this week is a no activity big week, so I’m not presenting new setups, I will discuss the setups on holidays in the future, many asked about that in the blog, but let me this week ask you your opinion about why there are more men.

Are really men those who are trying to trade for a living, to make money to present their kids something, or to bring their family to nice places vacation, just demonstrating that they are so good they can do it in training?

Are women more relaxed, detached from the trading world because, in the end, they understand more that it’s not that easy as men might believe?

Because men think, I’m strong I will do it.

Women say: “I understand it’s just an illusion, I can try to learn more, but I’m not committed that much because I see it’s not something that is stable enough to dedicate all my time”.

Maybe, maybe not.

By the way the fact that in the Mensa event, there are so many more men compared to women, it actually demonstrates that at a higher level of intelligence, talking about Mensa I think I can say that, women are even more practical and they are even further to the concept that trading is fine, but not so important to really focus on that too much, so let’s forget about this Andrea Unger telling us about training, I’m not interested in what he is bringing on the table.


But again it’s just my opinion, I would like to listen to your comments on this and I would like to know your opinion about that.

I’m curious, next time I will come about setups and so on, but this time please do you the exercise and tell me what you think about this.

Men or women?

I hope there are men and women listening to this, I hope you are watching this and I hope to read your comments about your personal opinion.

Why are there more men than women in trading?

See you next time, ciao from Andrea Unger.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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