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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger.
I am sponsored today, by myself.

Okay but, what do I teach?

I ask you and I ask myself.

This question actually comes from reading some emails, from people joining Unger Academy, I mean people joining the free area of the Academy to take advantage of the free content and normally they receive an email where I ask about their main difficulty in trading.

So they answer, that’s fine, I read with interest all the answers, but sometimes they also tell me what they desire to find joining Unger Academy.

This is obviously useful in some cases, but in many other cases, I understand that I cannot teach what they asked for.

I cannot teach some things for two main reasons: one reason is that maybe I don’t know, because I don’t know everything about trading, so obviously not all the areas are covered by my specific knowledge in trading and I cannot teach what I don’t personally know; second, and this is unfortunately what most often happens, these people ask for something which I don’t believe in or which I don’t think it works at all.

Something they probably got convinced of because of many trading scam material out there or common thinking or whatever, but something that does not really work the way they are supposed it should work and they hope to find the proper information joining Unger Academy.

I teach what I do, I teach what I learned, what I’ve been learning, because I’m still learning, for years dedicating time.

This is my profession, so it’s my job, I dedicate my full day to it and money.

Money means because I paid many mistakes I made.

You know very well in trading mistakes are expensive because they cost money, directly money.

So this is packed together in the material I deliver and it is related to automated trading or, let’s say, to algorithmic trading, where algorithmic means where there are numbers to base the decisions on.

This is what I do, I need numbers to build a scenario I can be confident in and I can believe to place my trades.

I don’t read charts, I don’t think about macroeconomics, I don’t estimate where the index will go because the crude oil moved, I don’t rely on what Mr. Trump is doing today if he has probably a shortage of battery and he cannot tweet anymore or things like that.

I don’t do this because it’s not my job, so I would not be able to teach something I don’t do.

What I teach is what I do, it’s not my specific system or trading system as I said, I teach the way to build your trading system.

Maybe you get exactly the same I got, but I teach you how I structure my research, how I structure the process to develop trading systems and this is what you get.

Every single package is so conceived to have the necessary knowledge to bring you on your own feet to go on.

There are some minor matters which I will never pack together because I don’t think that thing alone can really be worth being packed into a workshop or into a handbook or whatever.

Maybe in a live event we will discuss about that but if there is not enough to build something, I don’t normally pack it together, but this means that if in the future some new material is added it is just because at that stage in time, I believe that that material is good enough to represent a new thing in Unger Academy.

New for you, not new for me, because if I put something out, that’s something I’ve digested myself for a long time before believing it can lead to some interesting result.

So guys, don’t come here asking for scalping techniques or asking for short timeframe techniques because you don’t want to hold the position for a long time.

By the way, the time frame is not directly related to the time horizon of a position, because a short time frame helps in reading the way the market moves, but does not necessarily mean that the position taken on a short time frame will be a short position in terms of duration.

It is not directly related if you think this is because you think that all trades are taken out of specific patterns on the bars which are on the chart, which is not what I do.

So, guys, I can teach you about my approach to trading in an automated way, this is what you find.

I cannot teach what you think would be good for you just because somebody convinced you.

Maybe if you join and you come up with something which I don’t think it can really work, I can convince you that that’s the wrong way to go and in that case I am sure it will be a success for both, because you will get the right direction which is something where you can save a lot of money which you would have probably thrown out of the window due to mistakes.

So, guys, Unger Academy is all about algorithmic trading and this is all I can teach because it is what I do, I could not teach what I don’t do because it would be very difficult and very hard.

I hope you still stay here and we meet next time in another video.

Ciao from Andrea Unger.

Discover Your Next Trading Step w/ this Test >>

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